Wall Mounted: Pinnacle, hero

Wall Mounted: Pinnacle

Multi Split Systems: Super Match

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UV Protect

UV Protect

UV Protect helps to deliver clean air to your room using Health mode, with built-in LED UV lights that kill airborne pathogens, delivering clean air to your room.*

*Indpendent testing has found 91.47% elimination of the H3N2 virus in a 30m3 closed room and 82.78% of Staphylococcus Aureus bacteria in a 10m3 closed room, for two hours on Health mode at the highest fan speed

Coanda Plus Airflow

Coanda Plus Airflow

Coanda Plus Airflow technology sends warm or cool air further, as far as 20 metres in the 7kW Pinnacle air conditioner model. From ceiling to floor and to every corner of the room, air circulates evenly.